Firestone Walker – Barrelworks Q & A: The Origins

As a long time homebrewer, I sometimes think this whole brewing thing is pretty easy.  That’s until you run into guys as passionate and knowledgable as Firestone Walker’s Jeffers Richardson, Barrelmeister & Barrelworks Director and Jim Crooks (AKA Sour Jim) Master Blender. It’s truly humbling talking beer with these guys. They are knowledgable, without a […]

Ask the Experts: What’s the Most Overlooked Item in Beer Recipe Development?

When planning your next homebrew, have you ever thought: If I could just ask a professional this question, I would nail my next batch? While some are lucky enough to have a pro to ask questions to, others rely on what they can find: the internet, books and other homebrewers. While these provide great and accurate […]

How To Dial In Your Brew System and Hit your Numbers Every Time

How did I miss my Original Gravity? Why did I only end up with 4.5 gallons of wort? I often see first-time homebrewers asking the same questions regarding their recipe “numbers.” There are many answers to the questions above, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – put ANY brewer on a new […]

Simple Crock Pot Yogurt

Allow me to switch things up a little bit. Yes, this is a homebrewing blog. Occasionally you’ll get an alternative fermented drink like Plum Wine (if you haven’t read Robert’s awesome post, go do that now. I’ll wait). But yogurt? Really, yogurt? In a crock pot? Really, crock pot yogurt? Well, yes, yogurt. Crock pot yogurt. Really. […]

Is Reinheitsgebot really a four letter word?

“Reinheitsgebot is a four letter word”. I think most homebrewers would agree.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Induction Brewing

From talking to other homebrewers, I sense many of us went through the same and somewhat predictable progression when it came to getting our wort to a boil. Most of us started out on our kitchen stoves and realized bringing 3.5 gallons (or more!) of wort to a boil was a lengthy task. We quickly learned […]

A Homebrewer Gets to Brew on a Big Boy System

Who could say no to brewing on a commercial system? Not me, that’s for sure. So when my buddy Forrest asked me to join him I cleared my schedule.

The UK’s Home Brew Revolution

The UK is in the midst of a home brew revolution, with an ever increasing amount of youngsters taking up the hobby. I’m a part of that. A few short years ago I knew next to nothing about making your own beer at home but now I’m tweaking recipes and sharing tips with friends. There […]

The Homebrewer’s Guide to Tubing

Homebrew needs to be transferred. Sometimes we can get away with pouring wort or beer manually, but for the most part the best way to move liquid around is with a hose or tube. When you get into homebrewing you’ll become intimately familiar with tubing. Sometimes you bless it for saving your aching back the […]