I’ll Take My Father’s Root Beer, Actually

Not Your Fathers Root Beer exploded onto the beer scene earlier this year. To me the whole thing seemed very strange. Here was this little brewery (Small Town Brewery, Illinois) I had never heard of, and suddenly their Root Beer is popping up everywhere. Knowing the distribution challenges that craft brewers face, something seemed off. […]

Line ’em up: Colorado Brown Ales

Not long ago I wrote an email called “Line ’em up” that got an enthusiastic response, so now I’m bringing it to the blog for a regular series. In that email I compared 3 Oktoberfests side by side. The purpose of Line’ em up isn’t so much to pick the best beer (though I do […]

How to Convert a Fridge to a Kegerator

Maybe you don’t want to build a keezer. After all, it is more expensive and you have to do a little woodworking – not everyone’s cup of tea.

Plus a lot of guys have an old fridge in the garage just itchin’ to be turned into a kegerator. Like my buddy Forrest.

Watch the video below where us knuckleheads convert his fridge into a kegerator.

Convert a Sanke Keg to Ball Lock

Want to convert sanke keg to ball lock? Doing so allows you to use your ball lock quick disconnects with both commercial sanke kegs and homebrew cornelius kegs.

Recap and Favorites from GABF 2014

gabf2014The world’s largest beer festival has come to an end and thousands of beer drinkers are suffering through what may be their crappiest work week of the year. It’s well worth it though.

Me? I had a blast.

Keg Types: Sanke vs. Corny Kegs

Sanke vs. Corny Kegs – what are the differences? How do these kegs work? I answer these in the video above.

If you’re thinking about building a kegerator, make sure to check out my keezer build.

Leave a comment below if you found the video helpful. Cheers!

Pilsner Blind Tasting

Let’s stop and take a second to appreciate the wave of great pilsners coming to market. Not too long ago a tasting of this caliber wouldn’t be possible. We’d have Pilsner Urquell, Bitburger..and..umm…some other others? We’ve come a long ways. In the picture below you can see a few classic German & Czech pilsners next […]

How a Bus Full of the Country’s Best Brewers is Spreading Cheer to Beer Lovers Nationwide

beercamp across america
Sierra Nevada has hosted Beer Camp for a few years now. It’s a beer lover’s dream come true. You get a VIP tour of the brewery, the chance to brew a batch of beer at their facility, and your beer gets packaged up and distributed. Yes, you can buy your own beer at the store.

But attending Beer Camp isn’t easy. It’s usually invitation-only unless you join the occasional contest where you must submit a video entry pleading your case to attend.

I’ve never been invited (tear…) and I’ve never submitted a video (lazy…) so I was pretty pumped when I heard that Beer Camp was hitting the road for a seven-city tour. Fortunately Denver made the cut.

How to Ship Beer

Click through to the post to watch the video on shipping beer.

Have you ever wanted to ship beer to someone? You might be surprised how common beer trading and beer shipping really is. To make sure your package arrives at its destination in one piece, however, you need to make sure you properly pack your beer to ship.