What Beer Pairs Best with Hot Dogs?

March 28,2014 by 4 Comments

Hot dog and craft beerSpring is here…which means baseball season is here…which means there are two questions on my mind:

  1. Will Manny Machado come back from his injury to lead the O’s to the playoffs & eventually a World Series victory, restoring one of the greatest baseball franchises of all-time to its former glory?
  2. What beer pairs best with hot dogs?

(Welcome to the sophisticated inner workings of the mind of Billy Broas)

Beer Candied Bacon

June 28,2013 by 11 Comments

Beer Candied Bacon Recipe


I had never heard those three words put together. My brain can’t perform that type of mental feat. When I first heard about it on this CraftBeer.com article it blew my mind. I had to try it.

The all important question was, “What beer to use?”

Beer-Charged Caramelized Onions

January 30,2013 by 6 Comments

Bitch Creek ESB
It doesn’t always take a growler-full when cooking with beer. Sometimes just a dash will do. A small amount of the “secret ingredient” can leave your guests mystified and delighted. What IS that!?

Sriracha anyone?

What Food Pairs Best with Berliner Weisse?

January 15,2013 by 7 Comments

My “beer mood” is constantly changing, but one style that I can drink day in and day out is Berliner Weisse. It’s refreshing, tart but not sour, and light enough that you can have multiple multiple multiple pints.

Given my love of matching beer and food, I had to track down the best bites to go with a Berliner.

When finding the right food to pair with a beer, one of the first things I consider is intensity. Berliners are light bodied and generally 3-5% abv, so the food cannot be too powerful. Ribs, rich dessert, or anything smoky will overpower the beer, so you can rule those out. If you think about a beer dinner with multiple courses, you would place the Berliner towards the front, with the appetizer not the entrée.

That’s when it hit me.

How to Make Beer Ice Cream

December 5,2012 by 21 Comments

Video of Beer Ice Cream Recipe

This is smart. Let’s have more of this.

September 14,2012 by 4 Comments

What’s the market size for a $100 beer dinner? Pretty small.

Pairing good beer and food is an scrumptious experience but it’s one normally reserved for the connoisseur.

How about something for the average Joe? That’s why we need more of what New Belgium and Smashburger are doing. Good beer, thoughtfully paired with menu items in a fast-casual setting.

Epic Tasting: Dogfish Head Hop Pickles

July 17,2012 by 2 Comments

Yes, there are now pickles made with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. My order was confirmed less than 5 minutes after I heard the news. Check out the video to see what I think about them.

Summit Hop Chicken Wings and IPA Pairing from BeerChow

June 4,2012 by 5 Comments

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of pairing beer with food, and one of my favorite sites for inspiration is BeerChow.com. I asked Dave from BeerChow if he could put together a tasty beer and food pairing for BillyBrew readers and possibly also include beer in the cooking. He came through big time on both fronts. Thanks for the video, Dave!

Beer Brussels Sprouts – Only Stone

December 1,2011 by 3 Comments

Craft of Stone BrewingBook
Brussels sprouts aren’t exactly “mouth watering.”

In fact, I’d be surprised if they’ve ever caused a mouth to water in their entire history. If they have, it’s probably because they were made with beer.

Stone Brewing has turned boring Brussels sprouts into something you actually want to eat by what else – infusing them with beer. Stone Pale Ale to be exact.

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