Buy Me a Beer Disclosure

On occasion, I’ll get free products or review products on The Homebrew Academy where I’ll include an affiliate link.  If you do purchase, I get a little pocket change (typically 6%), with no additional cost to you. Telling you about this is not only the honest thing to do, it’s the legal thing to do since the FTC now requires it.

Now I would never plaster the site with random products and affiliate links – that wouldn’t be cool.  I only recommend products I’ve personally tested and stand behind 100%.

Here’s the good news for you:  Every dollar I receive allows me to keep the site running and keep the beer information flowing.

So to review:

  • Sometimes I’ll get beer schwag or a commission for a product I recommend.
  • Disclose is great.  Being honest and open about everything is the always best policy.
  • A few extra bucks allows me to provide great content by subsidizing hosting costs, design work, stock photos, newsletter software, etc.

Thanks for understanding.