BillyBrew Readers Doing it Right for Thanksgiving

November 23,2011 by 1 Comment

Every now and then I do a contest for my newsletter readers where I ask them a question and the randomly selected winner gets a box of my homebrew mailed to them.

About a month ago we did a contest where I asked – “What are you drinking for Thanksgiving?”

It was still October so I wasn’t sure what the response would be. “Would people have put any thought into what they’re drinking a month from now?”, I thought.

Rule #1 – Never doubt the resolve of craft beer drinkers.

Over 100 people responded with their beer plans. The responses included well thought out food pairings, beer selections for every course of the meal, and tons of homebrewers bringing their own creations to the party (this made me happy).

So here on Turkey Day Eve, I’d like to share with you a few of the responses and hopefully hear what you have planned.

What about me, you ask? I’m headed to the mountains for some snowboarding. When I get back, there are only two things on my mind – Dry Dock Bligh’s Barleywine and watching my Ravens take on the 49ers in the Harbaugh Bowl.

What the readers are drinking

My first reaction to the question, “What are you drinking on Thanksgiving?” was… Billy’s Homebrew, especially that molasses stout.
– Martin, who funny enough, ended up winning the contest

I will be taking a bunch of my homebrews back home to share with the family.
Saison for the football game. A pear cider for the ladies based on EdWort’s recipe but substituting 3 G of pear juice for apple. Then we’ll work in a pumpkin ale for the big meal. Afterwards, a nice rauchbier. For those looking for something a little darker I have a Baltic porter. And then for late night I have a barley wine. I hope I have all the bases covered!
– Jeff

This Saturday we’ve got a big shindig with 4 kegs of homebrew (16+ gallons): Coffee Stout, Zombie Jesus Scottish Ale Lite, Vienna Ale, and Scottish IPA (think big malt and hops). Since those will be drained this weekend, I’ll be looking to brew my first all grain batch in 2 weeks which will be Coffee Stout, so Thanksgiving will be Coffee Stout in the keg plus bottles of the previous 4 brews.
– Phil

I have an Allagash Curiex that I’ve been holding onto and I believe that will be a good time to drink that. I am also going to brine a turkey in some of my homebrew, thinking about doing the brine with my pale ale and making Sean Paxton’s Roasted Garlic IPA mash potatoes to go with it.
– Wick

Most likely, I’m going to have a pumpkin ale homebrew to go with dessert, but also going to pick out a variety of Oktoberfests and stouts, to hopefully convince some non-craft beer drinkers to come to the bright side
– Mike

I think I will kick off the evening with my Pineapple, Toasted Coconut Wheat Ale (The Malibu of Beers). Once I feel like it is summer again, I will open a 12oz Chimay Grand Reserve. Now that I have jumped ship to Belgium, I will then move close to home with an Allagash Four, or perhaps the Ghoulschip, set to release this Monday. The desert will be piles of pumpkin cheesecake and Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Or maybe a Youngs Chocolate Stout drizzled over Caramel Swirl Ice Cream. The possibilities are endless!
– Joe

I do all the cooking and get up at 5:00am to get ready. Really is my favorite holiday of the year. Probably stick to my Home Brewed DIPA, Maybe an Apricot IPA, then a mix they taught me last week at Brewzilla here in Cleveland. Southern Tier was serving Pumking and Creme Brulee together. Wonderful!
– Thom

Happy Thanksgiving. Do it right and drink the good stuff.

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He is the founder of The Homebrew Academy, a BJCP beer judge, and the homebrewing expert on the Rocky Mountain PBS television show Colorado Brews. He lives in the fine beer town of Denver, Colorado.

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  1. Kwn says:

    I don’t have a huge supply, and not a great variety (I’ve only been brewing for a year now).
    I have some British Bitter and some Irish Stout I am planning on bringing to Thanksgiving.

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