My Favorite Beer Glass

November 21,2012 by 14 Comments

While I use many different types of beer glasses, the Offero is my go-to beer glass. I use this at home for most of my beer drinking, though sometimes I will match the beer to the glass. There’s something I really like about a barleywine in a snifter. And yes, when the dishes are dirty and there are no other options I might just pull out a shaker pint. I’ll go to a mason jar first though ; )

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Have you ever used an Offero? What’s your favorite beer glass?

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14 responses to “My Favorite Beer Glass”

  1. I also have an Offero glass that the manufacturer sent me to evaluate earlier this year. While I agree it does help capture the aroma nicely, it is a bit awkward to drink out of, especially for people who wear glasses. Once you get down to about the last 1/3rd of the glass of beer, you really end up having to tip back your head to get the last few ounces and when you wear glasses, the top of the glass ends up hitting your glasses and forces your head to tilt back uncomfortably. That’s my only downside to that glass. For me, I tend to go with a globe shaped glass from Speigelau. It’s very thin, won’t warm up your beer quickly like thick glass will and lets you see the beer very clearly (optic glass) and it also brings out the aroma and flavor in the beer.

    • Billy Broas says:

      Hey Dave, thanks for speaking up for the glasses-wearers out there! Let that serve as a disclaimer.

      I did spill a little beer on my shirt the first time I drank out of one. I think the Black Shirt guys mention that too. Fortunately I’ve stayed dry every since.

    • Kevin Scaldeferri says:

      I’m also a big fan of the Speigelau tulip.

  2. Erick Stinger says:

    Looks like I can cross off most of my Christmas list now and just buy people Offeros.

  3. joe wood says:

    Bill, Did you get paid for promoting this glass?

    • Billy Broas says:

      No I was not paid to promote it

      I do promote some products through the site as an affiliate (see disclosure in the footer) where I get a commission if someone buys the product but it doesn’t cost the reader anything additional. I only do this for products I personally use and stand behind. I’m not an affiliate for the Offero but I certainly would be if I had the opportunity..

  4. FedoraDave says:

    A lot of my decision on which glass to use is dependent on the style of beer. Lighter brews, such as blonde ales and IPAs, I usually drink from a Samuel Adams Perfect Pint. Either that or a Kolsch glass. I find both these styles elegant, easy to hold, and suitable for light golden or light amber styles. For darker styles, from brown ales to porters and stouts, I prefer the chunky English dimpled mug. It just looks great to see that sparkling brown beer in a dimpled mug. Classic pub style, that!

  5. Brian says:

    This glass looks pretty cool. I think I am going to look into getting one. My 13 oz snifter is my go-to glass right now, though. Love that thing.

  6. Joshua Ford says:

    I did a blind tasting with a bunch of different glass shapes, and in my highly unqualified opinion, a large brandy snifter beats everything, regardless of beer style. And, plastic keg cup beats shaker pint glass. I haven’t tried the Offero, but I think if they made it with the bias cut AND a tapered mouth, it would be the ultimate.

  7. Brian says:

    I’ve been using the Offero for a while now, and my only complaint is that it feels thin. It seems like they could have used a little thicker glass for it. Other than that, it’s now my go-to glass.

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