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What HomeBrew Academy Graduates Are Saying

Corey L

“I have learned a lot from watching the tutorials and refining my techniques. I have been brewing off and on for about 5 years but never had someone who could walk me through the
steps. The Homebrew Academy has helped me with just that.”- Corey L.
Gerard W

“The step-by-step videos, checklists and tips made my first brew day a breeze, and Billy and other members in the forum would gladly answer any of my newbie questions. My first beer,
an American Pale Ale, came out quite well. I highly recommend the program, especially if you’re nervous about messing up your brew. Follow the steps and you
won’t..”- Gerard W.
Coty R

“Me and my brew partner in crime have opened our first home brewed beer. We followed the printouts which helped us out a looot. And we made a good beer! We made an American pale ale
kit beer and it came out better than we thought! Thanks to the lessons we are trying a whack at our own creation!”- Cotey R.
Daniel B.

“Billy and The Homebrew Academy held my hand for my first steps into the homebrew world. The videos and links are very clear and straightforward. I have scoured the internet for months
and it simply doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks a ton for all the help and prompt replies when I had questions.”- Daniel B.
Hevar H.

“I was frustrated by all the online videos and not being able to make much sense out of it. Nothing was organized. Then I found The Homebrew Academy, signed up and WOW! Everything was
there so organized and full of valuable info that made me feel safe and excited about starting the process. Everything for me was a challenge before getting into the
academy.”- Hevar H.
Rafael R

“With so many styles of brew it was really hard to decide the best choice to learn homebrewing. With the clear step by step instructions and advice in Homebrew Academy I really enjoyed
brewing my first batch. I definitely recommend Homebrew Academy.”- Rafael R.

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It was 2005 and the craft beer bug had a firm grip on me. This new world of beer was something I could get used to.

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How a Precision Hydrometer Made my Brewing More Enjoyable

January 7 , 2015 by Billy Broas 20 Comments

I was kinda shocked when I read my original gravity reading -> 1.064. That was 4 points higher than my target and I had tracked the gravity throughout the boil with a refractometer. The gravity was right on track, so why the discrepancy when I gave the finished batch one final check with the hydrometer? A simple test gave me my answer.